The Casino Owners Who Will Have the Most Success in 2022

One of the most lucrative businesses in the world, gambling reached a total market value of more than $500 billion in 2021 thanks to continued growth over the previous decade. It’s possible that you’ve wondered who the richest casino owners are because they undoubtedly take home more than their fair share of the winnings from their businesses, but some casinos are just neighborhood hangouts, while others are famous all over the world and draw in huge crowds of customers.

Elaine Wynn, Lui Che Woo, Johann Graf, and Phil Ruffin all have a spot in the upper echelons of the moguls who have created a fortune in the gambling industry. Each of these people has earned their place there. How much do the owners of casinos make? Read on to find out.

$12.5 billion is owed to Lui Che Woo.

After Sheldon Adelson passed away in January 2021, Lui Che Woo of Hong Kong took over as the richest casino owner in the world, moving into the top slot that had previously been held by Adelson. After beginning his career as a supplier of building materials, he eventually learned that he had an interest in gambling that extended beyond merely playing Baccarat and other games.


After having a disagreement with Woo, Adelson was uninterested in Woo’s proposal to invest in the development of a casino. Woo’s approach to Adelson was fruitless. As a direct consequence of his decision to acquire complete ownership of the casino, his wealth ultimately increased to nearly 12.5 billion dollars.


Johann Graf – $6.7 Billion

Johann Graf, the man who started and owns Novomatic Group and comes in at number two on the list of the richest casino owners in the world, is credited with establishing the company. In the beginning, he was an apprentice in a butcher’s shop; however, he decided against spending the rest of his life working with raw meat and instead began importing American pinball machines to Austria via Belgium. After that, he began working for a British firm that manufactured slot machines.


Graf later became an independent businessman and established Novomatic, which now runs casinos all over the world and manufactures slot machines, electronic table games, and video poker machines for both land-based and internet casinos. As Graf’s business flourished, his personal fortune soared to an astonishing $6.7 billion as the company’s revenue increased year after year.


The $2.1 Billion Belongs to Phil Ruffin

When it comes to providing an answer to the question “How much do casino owners make?” Phil Ruffin is a brilliant example. When he decided not to continue his education and instead began working with some friends to sell hamburgers, he launched his career as an entrepreneur. Ruffin, however, decided to look into other opportunities rather than spend the rest of his life working in the fast food industry.


The Treasure Island Hotel and Casino is presently owned by Ruffin, who also has a 50% stake in Trump International Las Vegas. His business partner at Trump International Las Vegas is none other than Donald Trump. He also owns hotels, office parks, and strip malls in addition to his casino investments. His portfolio is quite diverse. It is believed that he has a net worth of $2.1 billion.


Elaine Wynn – $1.9 Billion

Elaine Wynn, sometimes known as the Queen of Las Vegas, became the largest shareholder in Wynn Resorts in March 2018, when her ex-husband Steve Wynn resigned as CEO of Wynn Resorts in the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct against him. She and the man who would later become her husband established Mirage Resorts and together opened a series of prosperous casinos while they were still married.


Wynn, whose fortune is reported to be in the range of $1.9 billion, had a significant role in the expansion and revitalization of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. She has since become one of the wealthiest casino owners in the world.






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